I love the look of the woman on the left as if to say “Oh No He Diht’nt”

NYC Pride 2017

Joseph Giordano, New York, Photography

Oh No He Diht’nt !


11 thoughts on “Oh No He Diht’nt !

  1. LB says:

    So, I’ve seen some of your photos on FB and WP. I’d love to read some of your thoughts. Have you considered posting a bit of a description about the day? What it was like? Or have you already done that?

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    • I never really thought of jotting down my thoughts Laurie 😀 It was such a fun day I probably would be able to write pages on it if I could remember everything. The day was like a combination giant city wide party, protest march, political and commercial advertisers parade if that makes any sense, Martha and I were at the end of the parade route on Christopher Street right by the famous Stonewall Inn. Hopefully next year Patti will be back in town and between her, Martha and myself (and hopefully a new contributor Mel Rolleri who was in the parade this year and got some awesome shots) we might be able to collaborate on a giant post. Mel’s images can also be seen on Facebook. I really wish I was able to go with Martha the previous week to the Coney Island Memaid Parade but I was busy with family.


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