Fuji X-Pro 2 – ACROS Film Simulation 

Black And White Photography, Joseph Giordano, New York, Photography

Little Falls


7 thoughts on “Little Falls

  1. That has to be the most beautiful scene in the whole town of Babylon. It brings back memories. It is awesome how you can dial in film simulations with the Fuji cameras. That’s a real bonus, especially knowing how you always loved to use Fuji film. Have you experimented with that control before?

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    • Thank you Gale 🙂 The film simulation modes are one of the reasons that I switched to Fuji and I use them all the time. Most of the times I have used the black and white film simulations but lately I have been experimenting with the color modes Astia, Velvia, Pro Negative.

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  2. Beautiful, Joe. I haven’t even begun to experiment with the different film simulations as I enjoy processing and choosing tonality,filters, etc. with lightroom. I know I can shoot in Raw and still play with the filters and film simulations but haven’t. I’ll just enjoy your photos instead.

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    • Thank you very much Laurie 😀 When I was shooting film back in the day ACROS was a Fujifilm product (I believe they still make this today) that I loved. All of the Fuji cameras have a setting where you could dial in different film simulations such as Fujifilm Provia, Velvia, Pro Negative etc. The new generation of Fuji’s include a film simulation that emulates the old Fujifilm ACROS film stock. I also dialed in a red filter to increase the contrast of the sky (when shooting film I would have a bag full of different filters to screw onto the lens to control contrast). These days I could just dial them in. Hope all of that makes a little sense now 😀

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