Fuji X100F

Joseph Giordano, New York, Photography

Love Birds


5 thoughts on “Love Birds

  1. Your little Love Birds look like they’re saying “Can’t a bird get any privacy around here? Looks like they were conjuring up a plan to do a fly by crapping. I would be careful in the future about that. Plan or no plan, they are very cute and chose such an unusual looking building to perch on. Nice capture!

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  2. Love birds, Joe? Looks more like a cold shoulder. Like at our house when Lynn doesn’t quite get her way or is annoyed with me. She turns slightly away {that body language is a killer} and I keep glancing over, waiting for the thaw. Love the blue and white squares on the house, too. Must have taken forever to paint. I love it!

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    • Granted they might have had a lovers spat Emilio 😀 You should try a technique I use with Terry when she’s mad at me. I stand in front of her and every time she says anything I twist my head like a dog that hears a high pitched noise. Stick with me kid and you’ll go places


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