Fuji X-T1 and XF 18-55 R LM OIS Lens

Joseph Giordano, New York, Photography

Spring Splendor


7 thoughts on “Spring Splendor

  1. Like you and Gale above, Lynn and I will no longer wear swim suits. In fact, I hesitate to even wear shorts outdoors. Lynn makes sure all the lights are out at night before getting undressed for bed. In fact, she sleeps in the other room on nights when there’s light from the full moon leaking into our bedroom through the blinds.

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    • Some of the snow fencing will remain by the dunes just to keep the people off who can’t read the signs. There were a lot more early birds out there than I expected Joanne 😀 Thank you.

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  2. The beach is always so pretty but as I am now an old fart and wouldn’t dream of offending anyone by wearing a bathing suit in public, I just as soon look at the pretty pictures you supply us with. Thanks for the memories!

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