Fuji X30 – 1/650 @ f/8 – ISO 100

Joseph Giordano, New York, Photography

Blue Skies


8 thoughts on “Blue Skies

    • Thank you very much Laurie 🙂 At one time I had two Fuji X-T1’s two Fuji X100T’s the Leica and the Fuji X30. I have what they call G.A.S (gear acquisition syndrome) LOL. I have been selling off most of my doubles of cameras and as of yesterday evening I only have one X-T1 one X100T and the Leica but you never know the X-T2 goes on sale in September 🙂 I still use the little X30 more than Terry. I wish she would get out and take some images, she’s actually very good.


  1. Beautiful detail on the window arches and the trim under the roof line. Love those arched windows. The color of the glass and the design pattern, especially the little diamond shaped peaces add a lot of interest to this image. Great angle, very nice Joe!

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