Taken from the balcony of my hotel room at the Embassy Suites, Philadelphia just before twilight. Fuji X100S JPEG file.

Joseph Giordano, New York, Photography

Cathedral Of St. Peter And Paul


22 thoughts on “Cathedral Of St. Peter And Paul

  1. What an outstanding capture Joe! This is literally a Textbook Photo! I could see it on the cover or in any book or magazine. I hope you are selling some of your work. And why not…it is certainly good enough:)

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    • Thank you very much Gale 🙂 I took a couple of hand held shots but for this shot I steadied the camera on the hotel balcony railing. I don’t sell any of my work i just take images for my own enjoyment.


    • Thank you Emilio, LOL 😊 We get points towards free stays in any Hilton branded hotel so we usually book one of them. I chose this one after locating it on Google maps because of it location. On this trip we took the train from Penn Station to Philly because I didn’t want to worry about where to park. Everything was within walking distance. I also belong to Zipcar so we rented a Mini Cooper to explore the city one of the nights (the mini was a blast to drive also)


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    • Thank you very much Omar 🙂 Philadelphia is really a beautiful sight at night. This cathedral was directly across Benjamin Franklin Parkway and If I were able to pan to the right of this image you would see the Philadelphia City Hall exquisitely lit with the statue of William Penn on top of it.


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