Fuji X100T – 1/70 @ f/5.6 – ISO 200

Joseph Giordano, New York, Photography

The Padre


11 thoughts on “The Padre

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  2. I agree with Joanne’s comment. You have an exceptional eye for lighting. It can make or break an image. You have found the sweet spot in this pocket of photography. Your images always have a richness about them which comes from your ability to see and photograph images in a very specific lighting range which is unique to your eye only! I call this a gift from God!

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    • Thank you very much Gale πŸ™‚ Its actually a way of seeing that I acquired since I started shooting with the Fuji X cameras. They seem to reproduce light the way your eye sees it more accurately than other brands (in my humble opinion) πŸ™‚

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  3. I think I could probably pick your photos out of a *line-up* just by the use of light. All your photos have that “special” light (for lack of a better description) and clean image that seems to be your trademark.

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