Fuji X-T1 and XF 10-24mm R OIS Lens – Time Exposure – 20 Seconds @ f/20
Lee Big Stopper ND Filter – 11.5mm Focal Length

By installing a circular polarizer on the lens before mounting the Lee Seven5 filter system I was able to eliminate the glare on the water so the shadows from the rocks were visible.

Joseph Giordano, New York, Photography



12 thoughts on “Rocky

  1. I think I like the color shot better on this. The texture just seems to be more apparent. You’ve got me fired up once again, Joe. I’m not going to start a new blog, but I want to start shooting and posting Fuji jpeg’s. Maybe a recurring post once a month on a certain day- maybe even once a week, I’m not sure. But all Jpegs with little processing- if I can get shots half as good as yours! πŸ™‚

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    • You are absolutely correct and I think the color shot brings out the textures more Emilio. Thank you πŸ˜€ I think it would be interesting for you to post JPEGS once a week (you might even be a convert). When I had my Nikon I always shot RAW but it’s the opposite with the Fuji. I would start off by shooting RAW + JPEG in the Q menu and compare the shots when you upload them. I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t get the same results as me. I always shoot in aperture priority and I use the exposure compensation dial to get my desired look( I very rarely use the suggested exposure I usually underexposed by -1/3 to -1 stop). After that the post processing is simple. Check out some YouTube videos by Fuji X photographer Kevin Mullins who shoots weddings in JPEG.


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  3. Very cool effect all around. I would have never thought of doing that to achieve image that you did. I can see that by using your imagination, doors can be opened to all sorts of creativity. Thanks for the tip! I think I’ll try experimenting with that!

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