Fuji X100T – 1/150 @ f/5.6 – ISO 200

Joseph Giordano, New York, Photography

The Arches


14 thoughts on “The Arches

  1. Unbelievable ! With the incredible ranges from dark to light, I just can’t comprehend how this shot was even possible. That camera is truly a rare gem coupled with your expertise. Every part of that photo was captured as though with the naked eye. Just incredible!!

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    • Thank you very much Gale 🙂 One of the main reasons I switched to Fuji was because of this incredible sensor that Fuji has designed called X-Trans. I my opinion it sees light more like the human eye than other types of sensors.


    • Thank you very much Dan 🙂 One of the things that attracted me to this scene was the light as if it was being lit by some hidden strobe lights. Didn’t think the little Fuji would record it so accurate 🙂


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