Sunstar (1 of 1)

Fujifilm X30 – Super Macro Mode – Hand Held

This is an image of a water droplet on a Hosta Leaf in full morning sun.  I was pleased to capture the sun star and the magnifying effect of the water in this image.

Joseph Giordano, New York, Photography

Sun Star


12 thoughts on “Sun Star

    • It’s funny you say that Patti because every once in a while he takes a bite out of one of these Hosta leaves then spits it out. I guess he forgets what it tastes like. Terry keeps every bunny in the neighborhood fed really well with carrots and Romaine lettuce. Every day at the same time they are in the yard all waiting to get fed. Thanks again Patti 😀


  1. Wow! That droplet of water looks like a diamond or a piece of shimmering glass. It’s amazing how a small camera like the Fujifilm X-30 can capture with such a small sensor. Although I know for a fact, that it’s not the quality of the camera that produces a great photograph, but the person behind the camera. Great work my friend.



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    • LOL, I was trying to capture this sun star (actually it just looked like a shiny spot with the naked eye) and to my amazement my little X30 came through Joanne 😀 I am amazed at the detail the sensor on this little camera can hold.

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