Fujifilm X30 Camera –  1/160 @ f/2.2 – ISO 100

Hello and welcome to my new photoblog.  My name is Joe and some of you already know me from The Visual Chronicle or Monochromia.  This new blog is dedicated to my experience with Fuji X series cameras.  I have owned every Fuji X camera made but I have narrowed my gear down to my favorites, two X-T1’s and an X30.  I hope you will enjoy and decide to follow me on my journey.

About one year ago I made one of the biggest mistakes ever.  I had owned a Fuji X20 compact camera and when I purchased my X100s I sold the X20. I have never missed a camera so much. Since that time I have tried various compact cameras including the Sony RX100 Mk. 1, but they never really filled that void the X20 left. Well today I received the latest incarnation of the Fuji compact and logically its called the X30.  I love the look of images the X-T1’s produce and the Fuji X30 images look very similar.  I am looking forward to doing some black and white street photography with the X30. It’s time to have some fun.

Black And White Photography, Joseph Giordano, Photography

Locked And Loaded


15 thoughts on “Locked And Loaded

  1. My hats off to you Joe! Your really on a roll now. What ever happened to retirement? You seem to be working harder now than when you were on working for the man. I am so impressed with your work and the results you are getting with the Fuji X series cameras. I know you don’t call yourself a professional photographer, but, believe you me, I have seen the work of professional photographers that were not nearly as good. Just awesome! Keep it comin’. I’m looking forward to whatever else you can present.


    • Thank you very much Gale 🙂 It does seem a little strange that I couldn’t wait to retire and now I’m juggling my time with taking photos and these blogs. A strange thing happened along the way though, I’m enjoying the heck out of this even though it’s non stop, LOL. Thank you for your encourage words and support 🙂


  2. First off, let me say how much I love your new digs here! Like everyone else, I admire your dedication to photography and to blogging and I don’t know how you find the time to do it all so well. Fantastic image and what a magnificent start!

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    • Thank you very much Susan and I just hope I didn’t overextend myself here 🙂 Sometimes when you have a brain fart you just have to go with it. Have a great evening 🙂


  3. This is a good looking blog Joe and off to a great start with these fine shots. Also looking fwd to your further explorations with the x-system! I met someone yesterday who also couldn’t speak highly enough of the X20.

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    • Thank you very much Patti 🙂 The X20 was a great camera and it was my worst move ever selling it, but now I feel better replacing it with its latest incarnation the X30. I really like the electronic viewfinder on this new model it reminds me of the finder on my X-T1. It does have a small sensor but I think it makes an ideal street camera, its small, discreet and quiet.


  4. LB says:

    Congratulations, you crazy photographer! 🙂
    In all seriousness, I am impressed that you are taking on a third blog and will do my best to support you. The photos that you take with the Fuji X cameras are so good you’ve almost made me want to delve into that camera series. Maybe someday … for now I still have so much to learn and indeed, am learning from you.
    Best of success with this blog!

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